Fake-Up x Rengoku Legends

The Dot Poster Series

The Dot Collection was born out of an interest in abstract sculptures and pop culture and wanting to blend the 2 in an interesting way. Prior pieces in the collection are heavily influenced by cartoons and childhood interests of mine from the mid to late 80’s to mid 90’s.

After looking at the art of Rengoku Legends I thought it could be cool to try to take the base form and create that in my dot style while trying to keep the iconic forms and features. Through this process I also wanted to represent all 7 clans which came in the form of the colorways for each piece. Lastly I wanted to add some wear and tear to the pieces for visual interest but also tie it back to some of the original artwork and storylines, this wear and tear can be seen in the textures of the dots as well as post effects added to the pieces.


Print Size - 17”x22”
Printed on Canon Pro-1000 with archival inks
Printed on premium matte white paper 210 g/m2
Print is NOT framed

Print will be shipped in plastic wrap inside a cardboard tube, buyer is responsible for contacting the Rengoku team for purchase validation and providing shipping details